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Infos about will collect just the best and working extensions and plugins for Chrome and SRWare Iron.
Chrome is getting more and more popular and users search for possibility to extend the features of this leightweight browser.
So Chrome integrated an extensions system, so everybody can add features individually to his browser and Chrome has not to bloat the whole thing.
The problem of extensions is often, that they are developed by fans and they don't work always as they should.

And many communitys list extensions where you are never sure, if you should use them or better not. We try to make it better and try to list only quality extensions and plugins.
An additional info: At Chrome there is (up to now) no real difference between the word extension and plugin. Chrome plugins are just called "extension".
We also added a forum to this site, so if you have any problems with a chrome extension, just register and ask us!
Surely nearly all extensions work also with the chrome-alternative SRWare Iron.

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